Hypnotherapy in Northwood, Ruislip & Surrounding Areas


These are genuine comments and testimonials, sent by real clients:
  • Public Speaking

    “Amazingly, I was asked to chair the meeting for two hours and surprisingly I was able to deliver and stay focused during the whole session. I was satisfied with myself and I’ve valued this positive experience”

  • Relationship

    “…and I’m feeling very strong and positive! I am very happy to be honest! I now know I can be on my own and wait until I find someone that is going to treat me the way that I deserve. But if I don’t I am content with being alone”

  • Smoking Cessation

    “Just to let you know it’s been a week since I saw you and I haven’t had a cigarette, I’m motivated and more positive than ever before. Thanks”

  • Depression

    “Thanks very much for getting back to me with your feedback Kristian, and I intend to continue being positive! I actually slept really well last night, and found that listening to a relaxing c.d. with earphones before going to sleep really helped, so I’ll carry on doing that. I found the hypnosis to be a very unique and interesting experience, and I’m really glad I decided to do it!”

  • Weight Loss

    “On the whole things are going really well – the most important thing is that I have broken that cycle of grazing and binging on poor diet choices (mostly things containing sugar!). Consequently, I feel much better in myself, my skin is really good because of all the water, and I sleep well at night. So 10 out of 10 so far!”

  • Confidence

    “I just thought I’d let you know that I had a particularly good nights sleep! I woke up probably in the early morning and found myself going through the process in my head and generally trying to keep well away from the left hand path and all the old feelings! I’m definitely feeling more positive and as soon as doubts enter my head I remember which road I should be on and concentrate on the positive feelings”

  • Sexual Abuse

    “I just wanted to let you know that I have felt really good since the session on closure a few weeks ago when I came to see you with my sister. I stopped attending this weekly group therapy specifically for the issues that we dealt with in our last session as I felt that going to the group would not benefit me anymore and I feel a lot more positive about my life now, so thank you for that!”

In the nicest way, I aim to see all my clients as little as possible as I want them rid of their issue asap.

For further help, please call me on 07776 062380 (9am – 9pm) or email krisvonsponneck@gmail.com