Hypnotherapy in Northwood, Ruislip & Surrounding Areas

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Kris von Sponneck DCH

Hypnotherapist in Northwood

Ruislip, Watford, London and all surrounding areas

Hypnotherapist in Northwood with Kris von Sponneck | ExpertHypnosis.co.uk

I aim to see all clients as little as possible as I want them rid of their issue asap.

I am available as a Hypnotherapist in Northwood (near Ruislip and Watford). If you cannot make it to the Northwood HA6 clinic, I can come to you to London and all surrounding areas at your place of work or residential address. Further areas can be accommodated, please contact me for rates and availability.

For a telephone consultation, call 07776 062380 or email me krisvonsponneck@gmail.com

My extensive Hypnotherapy training has covered all areas of Hypnosis, including the DCH Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy* (2006) with 20 years demonstrating & teaching Hypnosis in other forms.

Northwood Hypnotherapy Clinic | Kris von Sponneck
Clinic Address: Orchard House Health, 50 The Drive, Northwood. HA6 1HP.

One of only a few Hypnotists that can genuinely claim they have Hypnotised thousands in the UK and across Europe with a vast experience both clinically, teaching and on stage. Yes, you will be hypnotised as opposed to someone just talking to you with your eyes closed.

I make a promise to you. As a client, I will use all of my knowledge to rid you of your issue in the quickest time possible and I will not prolong the amount of sessions for monetary gain.

After we agree a realistic therapeutic outcome, in the first session, I will not hold anything back and will use every tool and hypnotic method I can with you which for many clients is enough to move on away from the old form of behavior. I will then, if needed, ‘mop up’ anything that is left lingering after the initial session in just one further appointment.

As much as nothing can be guaranteed with hypnotherapy and all other therapies available, one guarantee is that you will be hypnotised and you will be in a state where positive change can be achieved.

For more about my experience as a hypnotherapist, click here Kris von Sponneck

Phobia's, fears, habits and addictions eliminated quickly Supercharge confidence, enhance sports performance

“Just to let you know it’s been a week since I saw you and I haven’t had a cigarette, I’m motivated and more positive than ever before. Thanks”

“Amazingly, I was asked to chair the meeting for two hours and surprisingly I was able to deliver and stay focused during the whole session. I was satisfied with myself and I’ve valued this positive experience”

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Struggled with yo-yo dieting

Your diets have worked….but not forever! Metabolism based weight control combined with ‘a new way of thinking’, makes diets a thing of the past.

You have tried time and time again with the same result, we can make it work. Don\’t just leave it until January 1st.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

Smoking cessation made easy

After extensive training, I offer life changing Hypnotherapy to help you achieve your goal.

You know it is life threatening, you know its anti-social, you know you want to give up but there is always that voice in your head that makes you turn to smoking in that moment of need.


Fears & Phobias Removed

Are you being held back in life?

Most ‘fears’ or ‘phobias’ come from a bad experience at a young age, usually in early childhood.

The negative or traumatic experience lodges in the subconscious creating a response which stays with you for the rest of your life. This becomes a permanent program of behaviour.

For further help, please call me on 07776 062380 (9am – 9pm) or email krisvonsponneck@gmail.com

Hypnotherapist in Northwood

F* Please note, I am not a General Practitioner or Medical Doctor. The American Institute of Hypnotherapy (AIH) Doctorate was approved by the California Bureau for private post-secondary & vocational education. Therefore, the degree is ‘approved’ and not ‘accredited’ and is (as of the time of writing) the 2nd most in-depth qualification worldwide in Clinical Hypnotherapy. There are practitioners in the UK, Australia, worldwide (especially America) that use the title ‘Dr.’ with this qualification. I do not use this title. The DCH from the AIH which I hold is not to be confused with other Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy qualifications offered on the internet.

For my other work as a Hypnotist, click the following link Stage Hypnotist