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Confidence Help With Hypnotherapy

Confidence Help With Hypnotherapy

Do you think you lack confidence and finding it is holding you back ?

With confidence, I am talking about a range of situations from simple shyness to extreme anxiety.

Confidence Help With Hypnotherapy | ExpertHypnosis.co.ukWhatever your situation, there does exist a pattern to your behaviour; it is not as random as it may seem. You were not born with this condition, it has been learnt and is stored in the un-conscious (also known as the sub-conscious) as a program of behaviour. Like a computer, all programs can be re-written.

By working with your patterns of thinking, hypnosis and NLP helps you to have flexibility in your behaviour, so that rather than engage in the old automated thoughts and feelings that weren’t useful, you learn to literally see, hear and experience the world differently, both in the outer world and your inner world.

When you gain flexibility and behavioural choice in any situation, you can gain self confidence, and you can gain freedom.

With confidence, up to four sessions are advised to gain maximum advantage of the therapy, usually weekly.

See how it can work for you…

“I just thought I’d let you know that I had a particularly good nights sleep! I woke up probably in the early morning and found myself going through the process in my head and generally trying to keep well away from the left hand path and all the old feelings! I’m definitely feeling more positive and as soon as doubts enter my head I remember which road I should be on and concentrate on the positive feelings”

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