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Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy

“Smoking is easy to give up if you know how…”

Learn the truth about the habit and say goodbye to Smoking forever !

Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy | ExpertHypnosis.co.ukAfter extensive research and training, I can offer the correct therapy to help you achieve your goal, leaving behind this life threatening, expensive habit.
If it is the correct timing to give up and you really want to do it then this is the answer.

Included in the price:

✓ Two hour session, including one hour of therapy and a full consultation

Why Hypnotherapy ?

The downside with Nicotine patches and most other therapies is that they deal only with the physical side (the addiction to nicotine) and not the habit. Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) deals directly with this. The habit is the core problem with about 95% of smokers as the main withdrawal from nicotine only lasts for a few days.

Now, try and think of something good about Smoking ?

Most smokers believe that the main benefit for them is that it relaxes them. Let’s get this misconception right; smoking simply won’t relax you. Nicotine is a stimulant and has the opposite effect, raising the heart rate and blood pressure.

You have a learnt association between smoking and relaxation, usually from the effect of taking a break or having ‘time out’ to smoke the cigarette. Having seen the advertising run by cigarette manufacturers reinforces this learnt belief coupled with other people ‘relaxing’ from the process of smoking has led the unconscious to believe that relaxation comes from smoking.

That’s when the habit forms; with the unconscious believing this is right for you. At this point you try and stop, and then you find out you just ‘can’t do it’.

Together we ‘reframe’ your way of thinking and how you view Smoking, making permanent change possible.

During the consultation, I will take your carbon monoxide reading and after a week of you giving up I will invite you back to be re-tested. The results are amazing.

Within just 24 hours of successfully giving up the positive benefits start. Your blood pressure will be near normal, your pulse rate will drop, your hands and feet will be warmer, nerve endings will start to repair and you’ll be at lower risk of heart attack. After a week your senses of taste and smell will dramatically improve, your bronchial tubes will relax making you less short of breath. Three months, your lung capacity would have increased by one third, circulation and stamina greatly improved and an overall feeling of better health evidently there.

If you consider yourself ‘too strong willed’, or have tried Hypnotherapy before and it has not helped you, then this could be the answer. The truth will be revealed, as to why you smoke and to why you have not been able to give up.

“Just to let you know it’s been a week since I saw you and I haven’t had a cigarette. I’m motivated and more positive than ever before. Thanks”

This could be you…make that important decision and call me today.

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Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy

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