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Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist

With Past Life Regression, this process can provide evidence for reincarnation, but some therapists view it as the mind’s way of symbolizing buried thoughts and emotions. Either way, as a therapeutic process it can clear issues held in the subconscious.

Past Life Regression – have you lived before ?

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist | ExpertHypnosis.co.ukPast life regression involves me taking you back to former lives under the influence of hypnosis. This process can provide evidence for reincarnation, but some therapists view it as the mind’s way of symbolizing buried thoughts and emotions. However, there is plenty of documented proof that previous lifetimes do exist, so having this ‘journey’ conducted by a qualified Past Life Therapist is vital to find out the truth.

Subjects are asked about significant past events, and may recall times and places of which they have no conscious knowledge. Recalling theses events can have great therapeutic results and can resolve emotional or nervous complaints (see below).

I conduct the session with open ended questions and do not ‘lead’ the subject in anyway. This allows the imagination not to get carried away with any possible images or situations I could have suggested. All details uncovered are down to you and your sub-conscious.

Information given will be recorded by myself and can be checked with the results possibly very surprising. Draw your own conclusion….have you lived before ?

This is carried out usually with a 2 hour session, but further sessions to find out more detailed information. If ‘unfinished’ business is uncovered, Past Life Therapy will have to be conducted.

Past Life Regression – as a therapy

Past-life regression permits us to find the root causes of our issues if not from this current lifetime. Once found and identified, we can cut all ties with that particular past life freeing any ‘problems’.

This does not need to be complicated. Sometimes, by remembering the triggering events from past lives, we are given understanding, which might be all that is necessary for us to experience closure and move on.

In other instances we may have gone through an experience in a previous existence which produced guilt, anger, pain, shock or some other powerful emotion, but for some reason we didn’t fully experience the emotion. Unexpressed and unreleased, these feelings got stuck. Re-living such traumatic incidents from the past can be powerfully cathartic and unplug the blocks.

We may also have unfinished business. Examples might be a determination which we were never able to carry out, a love never fulfilled, or a broken promise.

The most common root of unfinished business involves a lack of forgiveness or a need for revenge. When we cannot forgive another person, we remain tied either to them or to the issue our relationship with them created. In lifetime after lifetime, we experience themes of the same situation, sometimes as victim, sometimes as perpetrator.

As with process to find out if you have lived in a previous lifetime, you are put into the deepest state of ‘trance’ possible while still conscious then taken on a remarkable journey to cut all ties with unresolved issues.

For more about myself as a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, click Kristian von Sponneck

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