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Migraine Help With Hypnotherapy

Tired of too many pain killers?

Migraine help with hypnotherapy

Finally, there is an answer to this extreme, painful condition…

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Migraine help with hypnotherapy | ExpertHypnosis.co.ukIf you suffer from Migraine please read all of the information below. This is as you well know, one of the most painful experiences you will have ever come across.

With my help and your dedication, together we can make your Migraine a thing of the past…

Definition of Migraine

Migraine is a primary headache disorder manifesting as recurring attacks usually lasting for 4–72 hours and involving pain of moderate to severe intensity, often with nausea, sometimes vomiting, and/or sensitivity to light, sound, and other sensory stimuli.

In practice, there are many people who get migraine almost every day, and the duration seems to be almost continual, with just varying degrees of migraine present.

The pain of migraine has been described as being the worst possible. They can’t imagine that anything as bad as this could exist and not be making headline news. Many say it is much worse than having a baby, worse than the worst toothache etc.

After a migraine subsides, there is a feeling of bruising in the places where the pain was felt most. Most migraine sufferers feel weird the following day, and some feel so ill that they have to stay at home while they recover.

Many migraine sufferers experience a warning that a migraine is about to begin. This is called an aura which occurs in approx 20% of migraines (also known as ‘classic migraine’). Others describe strange effects in their vision, losing a part of their vision, seeing zigzags, and other phenomena; some say they just have a funny feeling.

Migraine without aura occurs in about 75% of migraines (also known as ‘common migraine’)

What is happening in a Migraine ?

The Aura

Visual disturbance starts in one eye and may spread, perhaps affecting just one side of the visual field but in both eyes. Geometric visual patterns and even hallucinations may occur. Paraesthesiae (pins and needles or tingling) and numbness. Numbness usually starts in the hand and moves up the arm before involving the face, lips and tongue. Legs are sometimes affected. Sensitivity to light begins at this stage quite often.

The Migraine Attack

Neurologists have studied this condition for many years. It is known that a wave of neurological activity begins a crescendo, releasing hormones in a certain order, triggering a sequence of events.

At first there is a wave if distension across the meningal blood vessels. A hormone is then released to contract these dilated blood vessels. The blood vessels contract, but they contract too much, and a second wave of hormones is released to dilate the blood vessels again.

There follows a long series of these alternate hormone releases, with the result that the blood vessels are dilating and contracting wildly, and the patient feels the terrible pain of the distension as a throbbing, pounding headache, far beyond the pain of a normal tension headache.

The patient then begins to feel sick. It may be the pain itself that is the trigger, or a crescendo of similar hormones triggering one to another, that leads to another symptom of migraine. The patient feels sick, and then actually vomits. Migraine attacks usually involve simultaneously the most excruciating pain in the head, nausea and vomiting, and sensitivity to bright light.


These are the most common triggers of Migraine:
• Stress or even relaxation after periods of stress
• Bright lights and loud noise
• Long distance travel and extremes of weather
• Excess usage of VDU screens
• Anxiety or depression
• Trauma to the head or neck
• Dietary factors include cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits, fortified meats,
• Missed meals
• Dehydration
• Sleep deprivation or excessive sleep
• Alcohol, especially red wine
• Oral contraceptives and vasodilators may precipitate or exacerbate the condition
• ‘Chinese’ food, or any other food containing Sodium Glutamate

In some circumstances, there does not have to be a direct trigger.

The Treatment

Firstly, this is a tough condition to eliminate. It requires a lot of patience and dedication from you.
Secondly, I would like to make it clear that this procedure will take some time to eliminate Migraine. So be patient, the wait will be worthwhile. Over a period of time the frequency of the attacks will decrease, and when the attack happens, the duration will be minimal.

The core therapies used are Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). To assist the process, ‘homework’ in the form of conscious ‘beating’ of the Migraine has to take place, a procedure you will be taught.
Two intense one-to-one sessions with unlimited weekly/monthly telephone support is included in the one off price. The telephone support is crucial for this process to work.

You can be Migraine free. Book an appointment…two sessions and your dedication can change the rest of your life !

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Migraine Help With Hypnotherapy

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