Skype Hypnosis sessions with UK senior accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist Kristian rigsgreve af Sponneck. This is a worldwide service offering the highest level of Clinical Hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home.

This is naturally a 100% discreet service available over the following platforms:

  • Skype
  • Facetime
  • WhatsApp videocall

Whilst having the visual side of the call/session is a bonus, the important part of the call/session is being able to hear myself. With this in mind, if you needed for whatever reason to be not ‘seen’ therefore making the session more discreet, this is not a problem.

Prices for the Skype Hypnosis sessions are as follows:

  • Initial consultation (up to 30 minutes) – Free
  • First session (up to 2 hours) – £95
  • Subsequent sessions (up to 1 hour) – £65

For more about myself and to show I am more than qualified to conduct Skype Hypnosis sessions, click here. For my training website, click here.

To be able to have the Skype Hypnosis session, you need a computer with a video camera and speaker or a modern smartphone. Also, a strong Wi-Fi connection is needed to lower the chance of any ‘drop-outs’ or freezing of the video/audio. A chair with a back to it (not

* Please note, I am not a General Practitioner or Medical Doctor. The American Institute of Hypnotherapy (AIH) Doctorate was approved by the California Bureau for private postsecondary & vocational education. Therefore, the degree is ‘approved’ and not ‘accredited’ and is (as of the time of writing) the 2nd most in-depth qualification worldwide in Clinical Hypnotherapy. There are practitioners in the UK, Australia, worldwide (especially America) that use the title ‘Dr.’ with this qualification. I do not use this title. The DCH from the AIH which I hold is not to be confused with other Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy qualifications offered on the internet.