Tove Lo, The Day I Hypnotised The Swedish Pop Star

Tove Lo, “Sweden’s darkest pop export”…an artist frequently played in my car both by myself and my young ladies. Other than her, pop does not appeal to me whatsoever. The album ‘Swedish Pop Star Tove LoQueen of the clouds’, overplayed and always enjoyed by all (well at least by me otherwise there is conflict in the car over music choices on the school run – its that or L****e Mix and there is little chance of that happening).

Whilst busy packing to move house in July 2017, I got the call to give a demonstration of Hypnosis for a private party held in London. The initial answer was a “no” as was way too busy. Lets just say that I was convinced otherwise after some hefty arm twisting, at the end of the day, money talks.

I arrived, got ready then I spotted a scantly dressed woman in the crowd. Surely not, “is that who I think it is over there” I asked my partner in a very childish way, as if a young lad had seen his soccer hero in person. “Who” she replied. Upon a brief debate over whether it was her or not I then went over and asked.

And yes, it was. It was heKristian rigsgreve af Sponneck & Tove Lor cousins birthday party!

Totally star struck (having met many stars this was a first) I motioned my partner over and armed with a camera (smartphones are so handy) she clicked away at a mature man acting like a child around this very down to earth likeable pop star.Tove Lo After Being Hypnotised by Kristian rigsgreve af Sponneck

At the end of the demonstration to which she happily participated in, she came over explaining it was her first experience of Hypnosis, quite a weird and a very strange experience. “That was brilliant”…a very happy Tove Lo and an even happier Hypnotist, adding this to the list of the more notable Hypnosis demonstrations I have performed over the years.