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“Amazingly, I was asked to chair the meeting for two hours and surprisingly I was able to deliver and stay focused during the whole session. I was satisfied with myself and I’ve valued this positive experience”

Are you in Ruislip aFind Hypnotherapist Ruislip Kristian von Sponnecknd need to fins Hypnotherapist Ruislip? My name is Kristian von Sponneck and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist located at The Windmill Studio in Ruislip Manor. If you need to find Hypnotherapist Ruislip, you have found one and one of Europe’s most experienced. I work from Ruislip but will visit clients in the London area (please phone for these charges).

Ruislip Manor is easily reachable via the underground and i just a one minute walk from Ruislip Manor station. Or if you are travelling by car, there is a public car park behind the center.

One of Europe’s most experienced Hypnotists, I am an expert in this field having Hypnotised thousands formally from the Synergy Spa under the name Middlesex Hypnotherapy. Since 2005, I have been helping people with all sorts of issues with this tried and tested and now scientifically proven therapeutic tool. With whatever issue you have, I aim to get this resolved as soon as possible. I stand by the fact that Hypnotherapy (and NLP) are meant to be brief therapies and I plan this accordingly.

Senior accredited with the GHR (the UK’s largest Hypnotherapy association), having learnt Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Psychotherapy and Counselling, I practice just as expert in this field, in the firm belief that for brief therapy, Hypnotism works the quickest and long lasting. I have not be drawn into the latest fad of different variants of Hypnotherapy (often an excuse for another course or further training with the many training schools) as Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years and for good reason.

Having completed the Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy* (DCH) with the American institute of Hypnotherapy, I can offer clients a level of Hypnotherapy only a handful of Hypnotherapists are privy to (click here for further information on my level of Hypnotherapy education).

For a full list of the conditions I can help you with, click > here < For a more pictorial look at my work, visit my Instagram account > here <

Find Hypnotherapist Ruislip Kristian von Sponneck

The Windmill Studio

Located opposite Kwik-Fit in Ruislip Manor, for Ruislip Hypnotherapy, it is a center with a Health and pamper section with a full waiting room and receptionist.

Find Hypnotherapist Ruislip Kristian von Sponneck

Waiting room

The waiting area is in the reception, with two large comfy leather sofas and magazines just in case you are early.

By train

Ruislip Manor is on the and Metropolitan line. The Windmill Studio is just 150 meters away from the station entrance.


Recommended parking is behind The Windmill Studio. This large public parking is well located and easily found. An open, one level NCP public car park always has spaces available. Maximum stay is ‘all day’ at a cost of £2.20.

Please allow enough time for your journey so you can arrive on time for your appointment; please be early rather than late.

Other Areas

If it’s not Ruislip Hypnotherapy you are after and live in another area, if you need expert help, contact myself as I offer a mobile service. Please email myself for the price to come to you.

* Please note, I am not a General Practitioner or Medical Doctor. The American Institute of Hypnotherapy (AIH) Doctorate was approved by the California Bureau for private postsecondary & vocational education. Therefore, the degree is ‘approved’ and not ‘accredited’ and is (as of the time of writing) the 2nd most in depth qualification worldwide in Clinical Hypnotherapy. There are practitioners in the UK, Australia, worldwide (especially America) that use the title ‘Dr.’ with this qualification. I do not use this title. The DCH from the AIH which I hold is not to be confused with other Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy qualifications offered on the internet.